missing walls: bureaucracy at work

Year: 2007
Ontology: standalone

Medium: Oil paint on plywood; lead pencil and watercolour on silk; framed watercolour & lead pencil on paper.

HxWxD cm: 2.1h x 4.3w x 4.5d m
Collection: Public collection: Daimler Art Collection, Berlin, 2011

Encyclopaedia of Art on Walls Never Made

‘No’, replied the bureaucrat when asked whether these are the four walls — blue, yellow, red and black — that form the central chamber of the library that crowns the brow of this nation’s thoughts and qualms, at the crest of this nation’s conscience, atop Capitol Hill. ‘No’, reiterated the bureaucrat, ‘these four walls are a fiction, a fraud. The library was planned, but never built: a conversation intended, but never had.’

[floorplan details]

  • empty
  • where a conversation was planned but never took place
  • The ‘Encyclopaedia of Art on Walls Never Made’
  • missing Shelves
  • Where the transcripts of Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin’s  conversations on their 1911 plan for Canberra are stored.
  • missing wall: red
  • missing wall: black
  • a chair someone has borrowed and forgotten to return, leaving it stranded around the corner, somewhere
  • missing table

[watercolour on silk]

  • Black Mountain
  • Mt. Ainslie
  • Capitol
  • 1911 Canberra plan
  • A library at the apex of a nation: that nation’s history, that nation’s conversation with itself
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