Measuring the missing

GH made Measuring the missing in 2013 and included the artwork in Sydney Contemporary 13 at the The Commercial (cur. Amanda Rowell), Sydney, in 2013. Measuring the missing is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on cotton and paper, and the magazine Vault #4, and comprises of three components measuring, overall, 87.8 x 31.2 + 'x' (where x is the distance between the bag and the missing centre) x 5.4 cm.

We were measuring the light well when a stranger walked past with a Vault magazine in a bag missing its centre.
Unseen by the stranger, the missing centre hung on the wall as a painting. Astonished, we tried to measure the coincidence, but it passed too quickly.

  •  a stranger’s path
  • a stranger’s stares
  •  a stranger’s stairs
  • light well
  • missing centre 
  • on wall
  • ‘x’ mm
  • chairs
  • a stranger’s entry
  • a stranger’s exit