Measuring the missing

Measuring the missing 2013 first appeared in Sydney Contemporary 13 at the The Commercial (cur. Amanda Rowell), Sydney, in 2013. Measuring the missing is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on cotton and paper, and the magazine Vault #4, and comprises of three components measuring, overall, 87.8 x 31.2 + 'x' (where x is the distance between the bag and the missing centre) x 5.4 cm.

We were measuring the light well when a stranger walked past with a Vault magazine in a bag missing its centre.
Unseen by the stranger, the missing centre hung on the wall as a painting. Astonished, we tried to measure the coincidence, but it passed too quickly.

  •  a stranger’s path
  • a stranger’s stares
  •  a stranger’s stairs
  • light well
  • missing centre 
  • on wall
  • ‘x’ mm
  • chairs
  • a stranger’s entry
  • a stranger’s exit