meandering space: red, grey and brown

meandering space: red, grey and brown 2010 first appeared in Leave the line standing at the St Canice's Annex, Sydney, in 2010. meandering space: red, grey and brown is one of two in the limited edition meandering space. The artwork's medium includes acrylic on wood, watercolour and lead pencil on paper, and comprises of four components measuring, overall, 184 x (128 + X) x X cm.

Admittedly, the second time I set the work up, I regrettably flipped it around as frequently I tend to with letters, words, numbers. It was a mistake. The watercolour should be on the right, not left. The Commercial gallery, Sydney, set the work up in the right order. It is best, nevertheless, to place ‘the centre’ component on top of a low bookshelf or similar piece of household furniture elsewhere in the room, not against the same wall, for a connection between the centre and outer circle to span the space in a room.

gh, 2019