To make a work of thoughtful art

Year: 1995
Ontology: standalone

Medium: Offset printed card, acrylic on MDF and gallery floor/wall surfaces; felt tipped pen.

HxWxD cm: 3100mm high x 5720mm wide x 4900mm deep
Collection: Private collection: Düsseldorf, 1995

Encyclopaedia of Thoughtful Art

To make a work of thoughtful art please follow the guidelines below:

  1. From the square above cut out a thought into a shape and lean it next to number 1.
  2. From this thought cut out its anger and place it on the plinth at number 2.
  3. From this anger cut out its love and place it at number 3.
  4. From this love cut out its understanding and return it to where the thought had first been taken, at number 4.
  5. Now ask a passer-by the time     (21:57)     and the date    (Freitag 13.10)     .

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