To make a work of spontaneous art

Year: 1997
Completed: 24/02/1997
Ontology: standalone

Medium: acrylic on MDF, acrylic on wall surfaces, vinyl over sponge rubber, watercolour and lead pencil on paper (framed)

HxWxD cm: 141h x 380w x 65.85d cm
Components: 7

Encyclopaedia of Spontaneous Art

To make a work of spontaneous art you must first enter a room in which there is a light blue rectangle with a green outline painted on the wall. In this room there is a chair about to fall. Spontaneously respond by reaching for a part of the rectangle and placing it under the chair. Record your unconstrained impulse on the ‘table more measuring spontaneous responses’ by asking someone close by the time ________ and date ________. Now return the Encyclopaedia to the ‘shelves for moments met’ beside the entrance. This work of spontaneous art is now complete.

—page 5 —

floorpan details:
chair about to fall
table for measuring spontaneous responses
shelves for moments met
shelves for moments missed

Qty ID Medium HxWxD cm
1 wall extension

acrylic on wood

650h x 450w x 108.5d mm
1 floorplan

watercolour and lead pencil on paper, framed

270h x 540w
1 chair

acrylic on wood

750h x 450w x 550d mm
1 missing part

acrylic on wood

300h x 300w x 108.5d mm
2 cushions

vinyl over sponge rubber

100h x 450w x 500d mm & 300h x 450w x 100d mm
1 wall painting

lead pencil and acrylic on wall

650h x 3800w mm