Encyclopaedia of Time in Art: pp. 16–18

Year: 1996
Completed: 06/02/1996
Ontology: Limited edition
Edition: 36 pages about time
In edition: 12

Medium: Watercolour, lead pencil and ink on paper

HxWxD cm: 343h x 715w x 35d mm (framed)
Components: 3
Collection: Private collection: Zürich, 1997

Encyclopaedia of Time in Art

To find the time in this work of art, enter a room in which there is a  […].


With this […] in mind, hold a pen above the grid on page 17, close your eyes and let your hand fall. Open your eyes and note the time and date of this fallen mark, on page 18.

~ 16 ~


Encyclopaedia of Time in Art

At the moment your hand fell and marked the part of the grid below, the time in this work of art was found.


In completing the instructions from page 16, please note here this moment’s: time ________ and date __________ .

~ 18 ~


Qty ID Medium HxWxD cm
2 pp. 16 & 18

Watercolour, lead pencil and biro on paper

 15 x 15
1 p. 17

Watercolour and lead pencil on paper

25 x 25