Encyclopaedia of Straight Lines

Year: 1995
Completed: 30/09/1995
Ontology: standalone

Medium: framed watercolour and lead pencil on paper, adhesive vinyl on foam core, ceramic tea pot top

Components: 2

Encyclopaedia of Straight Lines

page (straight line ———— submitted on) Sat. 30th Sept at 12.29pm


[Floorplan details]

table for recording in the Encyclopaedia the submission time of each straight line

table for qualifying the straightness of each straight line

table for grouping the straight lines into shared histories for storage

table for teapots, teacups, tea things and biscuits

table for dipping each straight line into preservation liquid

room for receiving straight lines

room for the storage of straight lines

shelves of the Encyclopaedia of Straight Lines

shelves for straight lines


Qty ID Medium HxWxD cm
1 Encyclopaedia

watercolour and lead pencil framed

60h x 60w cm
1 teapot top

ceramic, adhesive vinyl over foam core

20h x 20w x 13d cm