Encyclopaedia of forgetfulness

GH made Encyclopaedia of forgetfulness in 1995 and exhibited the artwork in 1997 in Art 1997 Chicago at the David Pestorius Gallery, Chicago. Encyclopaedia of forgetfulness is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium is framed watercolour and lead pencil on paper, vinyl adhesive on foam core, glass beads, and comprises of 5 component/s measuring, overall, 57.5h x 255w cm. Encyclopaedia of forgetfulness is in a private collection: Copenhagen, 1997

Encyclopaedia of Forgetfulness

To enter one must pass from ‘room for finding 48 red beads’.

room for counting 48 red beads



page 2

Encyclopaedia of Forgetfulness

To enter on must pass from ‘rom for hoarding 48 red beads’.

page 4


room for loosing 48 red beads


[‘loosing’ spelling mistake]