Encyclopaedia at the Heart of Art: 3–24 October

Year: 1995
Completed: 24/10/1995
Ontology: standalone

Medium: watercolour and lead pencil on paper, coloured confectionary in plastic with printed paper label

Collection: Public collection: Toowoomba Regional Gallery, Toowoomba, 1998

Encyclopaedia at the Heart of Art

To find the heart in this work of art, share a packet of 15 bonbons with friends and eat all but one.

Return the remaining bonbon to the packet and adhere it to the blue square above. Take note of when the first and second-last hearts were taken.

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Encyclopaedia at the Heart of Art

And now to be at the heart of this work of art, please complete the information below.

The first heart was shared on [Tuesday, 3 October 1995] leaving the remaining heart on [Tuesday 24 October 1995]

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[floorplan details]



plate on which the Jois Coeurs bonbons were served to friends

Look – O – Look art gallery
(heart exhibition currently showing)

shelves for storing the red volumes of the Encyclopaedia 

yellow volumes

blue volumes

shelves for the recorded dimensions and changing shades of hearts


table for writing the dates of the taken hearts

shelves containing Geometric Abstraction exhibition catalogues and books

storage room for 15 (minus 14) hearts