Encyclopaedia of Time

GH made Encyclopaedia of Time in 1995 and included the artwork in out of time: part two at the David Pestorius Gallery, Brisbane, in 1996. Encyclopaedia of Time is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on paper (framed), vinyl over foam core, plastic ice-block cubes, measuring, overall, 57h x 98w cm.

Encyclopaedia of Time

To find the time for now, hold a pencil above the grid below, close your eyes and let your had fall for five times, marking the grid with each fall.

In place of the page number, write the date upon which these five chance falls occurred.

page [Fri. 28.7.95]

[floorplan details]

room for chance

room for hours

room for a deep pond

room for now

room for lonely nights

room for now

room for a cup of tea

room for laughter

room for hearing a piano

room for now

room for a river

room for silent emotions 

room for love

room for an ocean

room for lost moments

room for thoughts

room for now

room for conversing

room for submarines

room for a glass of water

room for a glass of wine

room for a lake

room for now

a chair [in room for now]

room for trusting

room for melting