encounter: Stephen Sinn

encounter: Stephen Sinn 2011 first appeared in Encounter: Stephen Sinn at the Gail Hastings Exhibition Studio, Sydney, in 2011. encounter: Stephen Sinn is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes acrylic and lead pencil on wood, watercolour and lead pencil on paper, and comprises of two components measuring, overall, 82 x 185 cm.

Father Stephen Sinn is now part The Bridge Community, ‘a space to find voice and direction’, in South Bathurst where, in the words of Anglican Bishop Ian Palmer, he has made a home ‘for men who are on the margins and not easily accepted’. In 2011, however, I lived next door to Fr Steve who was the priest at St Canices, Kings Cross, which is how he came to be the centre of a work I made and entered into the Archibald at the AGNSW, and for which he allowed me an interview. In it, we discuss his feeling for art. Admittedly, though, a more telling piece on Fr Steve can be found in The Southern Cross.

Nevertheless, Fr Steve was very kind to grant me this interview: Art, bare feet, love: An interview with Stephen Sinn

Funds from the purchase of this work will be donated to The Bridge Community.



We seek him at the centre of the portrait, the subject of its meaning,

—but he is not there. We find him on the other side of the picture plane, in the living space of meaning, alongside us (who seek him elsewhere).

— desk at which he chose the watercolours Turquoise Blue Deep, Green Light, Italian Brown Pink Lake and Neutral Tint for the portrait

— desk lamp aglow at night

— table over-stacked with papers, files, books and more papers

— window

— chair

— books of poetry on shelves

— books on different religions