Drawn Lines

Drawn Lines 1994 first appeared in Drawn Lines at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, in 1994. Drawn Lines is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes drawn lines by 23 participants asked where, in their life, they draw a line and to what extent (percentage) they adhere to it. These lines and percentages determined the shape, parts and dimensions of the sculptural situation's constituting components. Responses included frank, funny, sometimes irreverent though, in all, deeply considered and sincere drawn lines by Will Bennett, Terri Bird, Angela Brennan, David Corben, Max Delany, Domenico Di Clario, Michael Douglas, Mikala Dwyer, June Fintch, Kirsty Fotheringham, Suzanne Hampel, Isabelle Mangeot Hewison, James Hewison, Susan Lale-Demoz, Jean Jacques Lale-Demoz, Shelley Lasica, Philippe Mangeot, Stefan McDonald, Elizabeth Newman, Stephen O’Connell, Robert Owen, Jane Shepherd, and Sally Thompson. Participants' drawn lines were typed and adhered to the wall. In addition to these, the work's medium included watercolour, lead pencil and acrylic on wood, and comprises of twenty five components measuring, overall, 4m by 5.2m by 1.8m high.

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Encyclopaedia of drawn lines
telephone rang, it was the Bureau of Re-Drawn lines asking whether her line was from choice or circumstance, and whether she wanted it updated: shifted in one direction or another. After
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01/09/1994 Drawn Lines, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane