divisions between friends

GH made divisions between friends in 1991 and included the artwork in Australian Perspecta 1991 at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, in 1991. divisions between friends is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes catalogue image; acrylic on wood; watercolour on wood; pigmented wax on wood; ink on paper, measuring, overall, --.

[Text on table]

  • place for friend no. 1
  • place for friend no. 2
  • place for friend no. 3
  • place for friend no. 4
  • place for friend no. 5

[Text on wall]

divisions between friends
where: 1 Hope = 12 Circumstances
1 Ci = 12 Immeasurabilities
1 Im = 12 Deliberations

[Text on the five petits fours remaining pastry papers]

  • friend 1, for 12/60ths of the time, found the circumstances unbearable.
  • friend 2, in 24/60ths of the time, imagined five hopes.
  • friend 3, for 36/60ths of the time, looked the other way.
  • friend 4, in 48/60ths of the time, summed the 5 figures incorrectly.
  • friend 5, for 60/60ths of the time, deliberated over whether to tell a lie.
Victoria Lynn, ‘Introduction’, in Victoria Lynn (ed.), Australian Perspecta 1991, exhibition catalogue, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 1991, p.11.