divisions between friends

Year: 1991
Ontology: standalone

Medium: catalogue image; acrylic on wood; watercolour on wood; pigmented wax on wood; ink on paper

HxWxD cm: --

[Text on table]

  • place for friend no. 1
  • place for friend no. 2
  • place for friend no. 3
  • place for friend no. 4
  • place for friend no. 5

[Text on wall]

divisions between friends
where: 1 Hope = 12 Circumstances
1 Ci = 12 Immeasurabilities
1 Im = 12 Deliberations

[Text on the five petits fours remaining pastry papers]

  • friend 1, for 12/60ths of the time, found the circumstances unbearable.
  • friend 2, in 24/60ths of the time, imagined five hopes.
  • friend 3, for 36/60ths of the time, looked the other way.
  • friend 4, in 48/60ths of the time, summed the 5 figures incorrectly.
  • friend 5, for 60/60ths of the time, deliberated over whether to tell a lie.
Victoria Lynn, ‘Introduction’, in Victoria Lynn (ed.), Australian Perspecta 1991, exhibition catalogue, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 1991, p.11.