The distance of doubt 2014

The distance of doubt 2014 first appeared in Missing: four sculptuations by Gail Hastings at the Apple Books, Available in 51 countries, in 2014. The distance of doubt is one of four in the limited edition Missing: Four sculptuations. The artwork's medium includes Watercolour and lead pencil on paper, and comprises of eight components measuring, overall, 55 x 428.8 x 1.85 cm.

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‘What’s the point of that’, exclaims one of four friends gathered in front of a framed watercolour floor plan that depicts only half the room they are in. Comforted by the unity of communal indignation, the others eagerly launch into their favourite topic: their card-carrying doubt of contemporary art.

At last, the tea tray arrives. The friends sit back with a cup in hand to allow, with each sip, their troubles to ebb and their being to revive—when a silent realignment transpires. For with eyes wide as though previously blind, they now see the floor plan’s other half: so deep, before, was their doubt without cause.

[flootplan details]

  • watercolour floor plan of half the room
  • chairs
  • table
  • Missing book
  • rug
  • entrance
  • stairs
  • stares
  • Did you see the Missing book on the table?
  • Yes. Inside, I’m told, there’s an encyclopaedia of doubt in art worth reading.
  • I doubt it.
  • I doubt it too.
  • floor plan of the other half of the room
  • tea tray
  • exit 




Four Sculptuations by Gail Hastings

Foreword: Richard Shiff; Artworks: Gail Hastings; Afterword: Amanda Rowell. Includes sculptuations: ‘Corner Caretakers’, 2014; ‘The Distance of Doubt’, 2014; ‘Space of a Five Page Plot’, 2014; and ‘Missing’, 2014.

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Released: 26 April 2014
Price: $14.99 AUD
Available at: Apple iBooks Store
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