difficult art decisions: wall 8

difficult art decisions: wall 8 is one of four in the unlimited edition Difficult art decisions. The artwork's medium includes Acrylic on plywood, watercolour and lead pencil on paper, measuring, overall, 400h x 1760w x 400d mm.

Encyclopaedia of Difficult Art Decisions

While preparing for this exhibition we discovered something difficult: a blue cube with three wood stripes. Now we, the workers behind the scenes, are not unlike other invisible workers who help make the noteworthy great. In doing so, we witness the disappointment of those who try, but fail. And so, we know this blue cube. For usually it hangs in our storeroom of portrait paintings that failed to achieve, unclaimed by artists unable to face their dashed dreams. While we may see this blue cube as a mascot of our care for failed hope, whether it is a portrait remains to be seen. We therefore attach this Difficult Art Decision report at this hour _________ and on this day __________ to request the art authorities – the general public – to consider the situation by making a decision.