To complete a work of contemporary art

Year: 1997
Ontology: standalone

Medium: acrylic on wall (asterisk); acrylic on MDF (plinth and chair); watercolour, lead pencil and ball point pen ink on paper (Encyclopaedia); acrylic on cloth over foam (cushion on chair and objects on floor, wall and plinth).

HxWxD cm: -

Encyclopaedia of patterns in contemporary art

To complete the pattern in this work of contemporary art you must first walk into a room in which there is a blue-cubed cushion on top of a white chair. In this room you will find a pattern of repetitive squares that has a missing part (see asterisk*). There is also in this room a plinth with four objects labelled T., I., M. & E.. Consider each and select the one, the right one, that best accords with the pattern and place it next to the asterisk. You have now completed the pattern in this work of contemporary art. Please note here the time     [6:44pm]     and date     [25.3.97]    .

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[Floor plan details]

  • chair
  • plinth
Anne Marie Freybourg, On Dialogue, exhibition catalogue, Haus am Waldsee / Jovis, Berlin 1997.
Uwe Goldenstein, ‘Gail Hastings’, in Peter Friese (ed.), Kunst Nach Kunst, exhibition catalogue, Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen, Bremen 2002, pp.120–3.