colour circle: four colour scheme for a room

GH made colour circle: four colour scheme for a room in 2018 and included the artwork in Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize at the National Art School Gallery (cur. Nike Savvas), Sydney, in 2018. colour circle: four colour scheme for a room is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes lead pencil and acrylic paint on wood, and comprises of five components measuring, overall, 120 x 240 x 3.6 cm. colour circle: four colour scheme for a room is in a private collection: Redlands Contemporary Art Collection, Sydney, 2018.


entrance for internal secret agent
entrance for external secret agent
counter intelligence room for external secret agent
counter intelligence room for internal secret agent
overlooked room
lavender pot plant on windowsill
overseeing room
two secret agents befuddled by the four colours try to uncover their source
actual space
internal couch
external couch
colour space
lavender pot plant
a=green-red axis
b=yellow-blue axis
clay pot L=67 a=24.8 b=26.3
complementary clay pot L=67 a=-24.8 b=-26.3
lavender leaf L=95.6 a=-5.4 b=8.9
complementary lavender leaf L=95.6 a=5.4 b=-8.9
lavender flower L=65.5 a=30.9 b=-35.4
complementary L=65.5 a=-30.9 b=35.5
lavender flower L=70.7 a=15 b=-25.9
complementary L=70.7 a=-15 b= 25.9
shadow on clay pot L=41.2 a=20.9 b=20.2
complementary shadow L=41.2 a=-20.9 b=-20.2
clay pot L=76.1 a=30.4 b=25
complementary clay pot L=76.1 a=-30.4 b=-25