behind you: red

behind you: red 2010 first appeared in Taint at the FirstDraft Gallery, Sydney, in 2010. behind you: red is one of two in the unlimited edition Behind you. The artwork's medium includes acrylic and lead pencil on wood, framed watercolour and lead pencil on paper, and comprises of three components measuring, overall, 160 x (‘x’ + 40) x 120 cm.


‘That’s opposite to how I see it’, said the artist. ‘The artwork’s whole consists of a small actual part and a large thought part, behind you.’ ‘No, no, no’, replied the viewer. ‘It consists of a large actual part and a small thought part, behind you.’

Details on the watercolour floorplan read as follows:

  • stairs
  • stares
  • 20
  • x
  • 20
  • Where ‘x’ is the measurement of space between a memory and the place the memory comes from.
16/06/2010 Taint, FirstDraft Gallery (cur. Clare Lewis), Sydney