Background 2013 first appeared in Sydney Contemporary 13 at the The Commercial (cur. Amanda Rowell), Sydney, in 2013. Background is a standalone artwork. The artwork's medium includes watercolour and lead pencil on paper, pigment on cotton rag, oil on wood, and comprises of three components measuring, overall, an expanse with a scale 1:20 in relation to the watercolour floorplan. Background is in a private collection: Canberra, 2013.

Framed photocopy of Varvara Stepanova— the caption reads:
The caption reads: ‘Photocopy of Varvara Stepanova in her studio wearing a dress made with fabric of her own design c. 1924; photo: Alexander Rodchenko

A debate ensues. Not until a pedestal’s missing corner is found, can a framed photocopy of Varvara Stepanova be placed on top. Some argue the background of Stepanova completes the pedestal. Others argue the very room within which one stands is the background that completes the pedestal. Meanwhile, the eleventh hour approaches and the exhibition has soon to open.

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