art opinion no. 637

Year: 1999
Ontology: Unlimited edition
Edition: Art Opinions
In edition: 3

Medium: hard cover book; acrylic on canvas; watercolour and lead pencil on paper; framed ink jet print on paper; acrylic on MDF with plastic sheeting; vinyl over MDF and rubber.

Components: 22

Encyclopaedia of an art opinion

‘Do you see what has happened?’, the art authority asked. I looked at the painting with two curved corners and followed its magenta border along the furniture to where a part is missing. ‘Yes’, I replied, for here a book once lay, a book of remembered art, a book now missing. ‘Find it’, summoned the authority.

And so, I found it. It is in the vitrine. Surprisingly, its cover is not magenta, but green. If you stare at it, then look at white, you will see a magenta chromatic ‘after image’. Posit this onto the border where the part is missing, and the part is returned. Opinions, however, differ. The art authorities will not endorse my job report (see corner). They insist that a magenta-covered book is still to be found. ‘Impossible’, I say, ‘for this is the, and only, book of remembered art’. Until common sense prevails, my job remains bureaucratically undone, even though, each day, a viewer’s imagination completes it.

Page 637



Book of remembered art 

[text on dust jacket of book]

“For a brief moment recreate in your thoughts a work of art that you have felt compelled toward and observe the colour most prominently recalled. Please choose a page and note this colour in the space provided, then conclude by signing the time and date.”

The book of remembered art is a record of these recollections. It is dedicated to Painterly Architectonic, 1917, by Liubov Popova.

Qty ID Medium HxWxD cm
1 book

hard cover with dust jacket

222h x 263w x 14d mm
3 painting boundary

acrylic on canvas

each section: 66 high x 200 wide cm
1 Encyclopaedia

watercolour and lead pencil on paper, framed

76 wide x 65 high cm
1 form

framed ink jet print on paper

2 shelf boundary

acrylic on MDF

125 wide x 55 high x 35 deep
2 shelf boundary

acrylic on MDF, plastic

100 wide x 55 high x 80 deep (curved)
1 chair boundary

vinyl over MDF and rubber

20 high x 187.5 wide x 55 deep
11 stands

vinyl fabric over MDF

30 high x 20 wide x 35 deep