colour circle: four colour scheme for a room

On the inside rim of ‘actual space’, four paintings hang on the circumference wall: clay pot (upper right quadrant), lavender flower (lower right quadrant), clay pot complimentary (lower left quadrant) and lavender flower complimentary (upper left quadrant). This same quadratic colour combination — clay pot, lavender flower, clay pot complimentary and lavender flower complimentary —… Continue reading colour circle: four colour scheme for a room

mission: untitled (blue)

Above and first image below, as seen in ‘Projections’ at the David Pestorius Gallery, Berlin, in 1999. The painting, Kaiserdamm bag and There: Contemporary Art Magazine components of the sculptuation all feature in a film ‘mission: untitled (blue)’. The grid of orange circles on the cover of There is a plan view of a Berlin… Continue reading mission: untitled (blue)