plans as seen at Heide 1; photo: John Brash photo: Albert Tucker, Arvo Tea: Sidney Nolan, Sunday Reed and Joy Hester  1945, gelatin silver photograph, 30.4 x 40.3 cm, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Gift of Barbara Tucker 2001; As quoted from the Heide Guide Book of 2003: ‘”Arvo Tea”, was a daily ritual at Heide […]

mission: untitled (blue)

Above and first image below, as seen in ‘Projections’ at the David Pestorius Gallery, Berlin, in 1999. The painting, Kaiserdamm bag and There: Contemporary Art Magazine components of the sculptuation all feature in a film ‘mission: untitled (blue)’. The grid of orange circles on the cover of There is a plan view of a Berlin […]

divisions between friends

The artwork’s image in the Perspecta 1991 catalogue showed the table component of the sculptuation, with a ‘petit four’ not yet consumed in each of the five settings for friends. Upon seeing the exhibited work, however, in real and not pictorial space, the five petit fours have been eaten with a thought residue for each […]