57 Days Left To Go—Looking for that first pledge

Looking under the couch-Gail Hastings studio

Looking under the couch-Gail Hastings studioRather than rely on the distortions of my disappointment to write this post, I google searched for voices who have already discussed the agony of waiting for the first pledge. Will it happen? How long do I wait before realising it will never happen? When I realise it will never happen, do I pull the plug and save the time needed to maintain the campaign, or is there always a possibility? If the first pledge arrives two days before the campaign’s end, does that make it impossible for the next most-need 50 to happen?

No matter the alternative keywords used, I was unable to find any worthy results and gave up when my own crowdfunding posts started turning up on the first page of the search results.

Those who waited yet never received the first pledge obviously decided not to write about it, which is very easy to understand from my present position. It nevertheless means the many questions I have remain unanswered.

As for the last listed above, most would think it is so obvious it needn’t be asked, that of course the campaign will fail, has failed. The question nevertheless reveals the type of hope that makes a campaign start. Blind hope? Unjustified, unreasonable hope? Or is it just the hope of never knowing what saving grace may be just around the corner.

Maybe that hope, in itself, is vital no matter how unreasonable nor how many days are left.